My name is Tanya LaReveur.

I think I am a bit of a wild card, and here is why:

I have a great capacity for joy and a great capacity for depression. I am, all at once, philosophical and goofy, energetic and gentle, sweet and sassy. I was the girl in my kindergarten class that was strategically seated next to the children who were lonely or had learning disabilities because my teachers could count on me to show them kindness and love. I was also the little girl who would punish her cranky babysitter by pooping in the bathtub and would spit gum in her sister’s hair just to see what would happen. (Spoiler alert: What happened was that my sister ended up with a bowl cut… before bowl cuts were cool.)

Some passions that have followed me from spunky girlhood to equally spunky young-adulthood are passion for music, writing, people, and Jesus.

I have always enjoyed writing, be it poetry, essays, short stories, or what have you. About a year and a half ago, I was hospitalized for being suicidal and was diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. This was the first of two hospitalizations for my mental health, but only one of many experiences that would spur me to write not just for enjoyment but for coping with my overactive mind.

In fact, this blog was the result of a conversation I had in intensive outpatient therapy with a fellow patient who suggested writing as a coping mechanism. Starting out writing journal-esque entries about my mental health adventures, I quickly added onto this blog my poetry, thoughts on theology (how could I write so much about myself without saying anything about my best friend, Jesus?), various strings of purposeful and pretty words.

This blog goes where I go. Sometimes I am writing from my desk at university, where I study music education. Sometimes I am writing from my desk at home, where I often find myself as I take breaks from school for mental and physical health reasons. And sometimes I am writing from a cozy little coffee shop, the couch of a friend’s living room, or, from some private little hideaway that I was just lucky to find.

But I assure you of this: I always am writing from my heart, true and sincere and wild.

Should you have any desire to contact me, whether it be to ask a question, chat, tell me a new joke, or what have you, please do not hesitate to contact me at:



Peace always,



12 Responses to About

  1. Jodie Hardy says:

    Nice to meet you, thank you for introducing yourself. Xx

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  2. You write well, so after reading your last two posts I came here. It looks as if your fellow patient was right. I hope blogging helps


  3. Thank you very much! It has become a great coping mechanism and hobby

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  4. HI, great place to come and write, hope you find writing to be a safe unwinding place, how it has felt for me so far.

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  5. Andy says:

    The therapeutic power of creativity. Well done and keep going!


  6. kdkunoff says:

    Thank you Tanya for following my blog! I’ve stopped by to check you at and am following you now too! Thank you for being so vulnerable and transparent. I’ll be praying for you as one who has been down a similar road:)

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  7. Roos Ruse says:

    Meeting you is so very nice, Tanya. I look forward to browsing here – soon.

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  8. Thank you! Nice to meet you as well


  9. Thanks for following my blog – good luck on your writing and the journey!

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