“What Else but The Self?” — A poem

“What Else but The Self?”

A poem by T. LaReveur


I picked up a cheap copy of

“Self-Reliance and Other Essays”

by Ralph Waldo Emerson

the other day it caught my eye

the term “Self-Reliance” and

I thought how could I not read this

at such a time in my life I don’t have

a book to turn to that can give me

at least an illusion of security

no the Bible cannot fill that role for me

not now maybe later but not now

no I don’t have a person to turn to not now

to give me words of comfort words that

can actually ring in my ears for more than

a moment nobody now to hold me and tell me that

things will be okay I don’t know

if I would believe them

anyway how could I

and so self-reliance seems the only maybe

answer in this forsaken forsaken existence and

Ralph Waldo Emerson I recall did not

die a Christian a fact which at one point

made me distance myself from his words but

now his ungodliness shines like a halo and draws me in

he knows a godless life he ruled his own

life and I wonder how did that work

for him perhaps it is worth taking a peek

for myself could it work for me because

I have only self-reliance left

to try anyway right so here I give the dice

just one more roll and I flip open

the pages “I read the other day

some verses…”


As always,


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