Trees, water, with a side of existentialism&nihilism

You are standing in the forest. You smell the wet soft wood, the mud. Lichen grows on fallen trees in delicate ripples, moths flutter past your eyes. You are standing in the forest. The trees start to thin as you look ahead, trees stand with space between and behind them a backdrop of white. The lake is supposed to be behind those trees. But you know better, you know that that is no lake. You have been here several times before. You have seen the lake, you have dipped in the lake, but this is not lake, not this time. Somewhere in your walk here, you entered another dimension. The white backdrop behind the trees, it resembles the look of a glitch on a TV screen, a mistake. It is a glitch. In the fabric of the universe. Or perhaps it is not a glitch, but something that has always been there and just not intended for such human eyes and souls to see. Behind the trees, where they get sparse and then just stop, is the end of time and matter. Nothingness. Do you turn around and hope to find the lake? Do you continue forward and take on this opportunity to experience something so strong and so empty?

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One Response to Trees, water, with a side of existentialism&nihilism

  1. In the safety of dreams, it’s easy for me to go towards the unknown. Most of the time I’m able to recognize that I’m in a dream and that ultimately I have control over what does or does not happen.

    If this were real-life I’m sure there would be a wider range of emotions; fear, confusion, uncertainty. To me, this isn’t much different from the Matrix where Neo is offered the pills. Does he stay with the illusion, or does he wake up and see reality?

    Everyone has a built-in sense of self-preservation. Things outside of our norm are scary because there’s a risk associated with them. Through taking risks we make discoveries and find self-awareness. When we’re at the edge do we jump or stay on solid ground? Do we change or do we stay as we’ve always been?

    I would like to think I would take the opportunity, but without being there there’s no way to say for sure.

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