Poetry And Madness: A Complex Relationship

Perhaps I am going



The longer I course

Inspiration’s strong current,

The deeper into my own head,

With neither map nor light,

I fall.


Down! Down!

“How about we head this way?”

My self suggests,

And the inner conversations, not a monologue but

The inner conversations

Of my mind,




Into the air



Outward conversations,

Those dwindle down and away.

Fewer discussions over coffee;

One, two, three fewer rendezvous

From across the dining table.


The balance,

I tell you,

The balance has shifted!

In my own precious brain,

The scales have all tilted.

And yet, hear, hear!

I am popping out poems

And thoughts of all colors

Because of this shift,

This mischievous tilt,

This shift in my brain.


I think that

Perhaps I am going





– T. LaReveur


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