Redefining “Beauty”

When I was probably a junior in high school, I wrote my own fanciful definition of beauty and posted it on my closet wall. The words were printed on different colorful scraps of paper and placed there in my closet with the intention of reminding me, then a self-conscious teenager, of what was really important and lovely.

That tidbit is not the most professional bit of writing, and that is well and good. Whatever errors there may be do not matter because the point of this project was to inspire the finding of joy in a person (namely yourself), however far from “perfect” they (you) may be.

I have printed this below to share with you. If you are a fan of old-time musicals as I am, you may just catch the references I sprinkled in.




The quality of one who keeps her head held high (chin up)


And dances with Warmth, Joy, CONFIDANCE


Beauty walks with her head held high, no matter what. Even when the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, her chin is up. Even when her clothes are made of the baron’s drapes and people are watching, beauty dances in a lively manner ‘cross the hills. She is not fancied by all, but most can agree that she is Truly Scrumptious not for what she looks like, but for all the joy and warmth and confidence within her.She never tires of her glow for she is Beauty always. She has not just confidence in sunshine, but she too has confidence in rain.




With warmth & joy & confidance,


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3 Responses to Redefining “Beauty”

  1. I loved your idea of beauty and I completely agree with it. Beauty should not be considered as something external. It shouldn’t be defined by others. Beauty is truly confidence in oneself and nothing more.

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  2. Salad At Midnight says:

    Beauty is not just the outside, but also inside. Love it!

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