Into The Wild, Where The Silver Linings Live

When the going gets rough (and it usually does after another disappointing doctor’s appointment), it is good to be reminded of where my passion for pushing forward comes from. Why when I cry, I acknowledge my brokenness and then pick things back up and move forward into the wild.


I keep going… because I want to encourage others to keep going as well.

I do not stop fighting… because if I stop, then I am sending the message to the world that it is okay to just give up. And if everyone gave up, well, we would be taking a lot of color and joy and wonder out of this world.

I bandage up my wounds and keep moving forward… because maybe these wounds will turn into scars that will give me a good and encouraging story to tell for generations to come.

I try to shine my light even when all is dark and rainy… because I still believe in miracles. Maybe, just maybe, my light will not be extinguished by the rain and it will blossom into something extraordinary.

I still sing and dance in the shower… because if I can still find a reason to sing and dance, then I am darn sure there is a glimmer of hope for my life!

I work hard to find the silver lining in every situation… because I have started to collect silver linings. I am building a palace out of every silver lining I find, whether it be from an easy situation or a difficult one. Each lining adds a bit of shimmer to my palace… and it would be a shame to throw away perfectly good shimmer!


“Stones in the road? I save every single one, and one day I’ll build a castle.”                       – Fernando Pessoa


Peace and silver linings,


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3 Responses to Into The Wild, Where The Silver Linings Live

  1. Declan Groeger says:

    Beautiful read


  2. What an inspiring quote. I will have to add it to my list. : )

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  3. Thank you very much!

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