Comeback Kid

I am a comeback kid.

Throw depression at me, throw anxiety, throw bullying, trauma, emotional abuse, physical illness, throw it all at me and watch me come back again and again, stronger each time. Take away my security in the future, try to push me to desperation, and then watch me come back yet again.

I am a warrior with a mighty, mighty God on my side. All of my triumphs and victories over obstacles? They are because of him. God is my rock forever. With him I have the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of readiness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit.

Thanks to all of this, and an abundance of mercy,

I am a comeback kid.

And you can be one too. Life will always hold nasty surprises and unexpected twists, but when you put on the full armor of God, you will be surprised with what you can overcome. Maybe you will even find joy along the way.




A fellow comeback kid

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2 Responses to Comeback Kid

  1. bkmoore says:

    Thanks Tanya, I really needed this! I want to curl up in a tiny ball and fade away. I’m so tired of fighting, of being the “comeback kid”, but we do not fight alone. So I’ll put on the full armor and allow God surprise me with what he is doing in my life right now!


  2. I am so glad that you got something out of this post! You are absolutely not alone: we are all pushing forward together.


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