Oh My Soul Be Calm: He is Pulling Out His Notebook

Warning: This is a humorous diversion from my typical posts. If you prefer philosophy over silliness, look elsewhere.


What turns me on?

Hahahah well,

Hearing men talking in a coffee shop and using words like “passionate.” My ears prick up and turn pink. I love that word and a man who is comfortable enough and– well– passionate enough to use it sincerely.

Even more so…

I love when a man walk into Starbucks with his marble notebook, proceeding to write and write and write. Oh, my  soul be calm, that is all sexiness.

I mean, just watching those olive-toned, hairy arms move left, right, left, write, write, write. Scribbling originality and wonder across that simple 2 dollar composition book he bought in Office Depot.

Who really knows what he is writing about? Perhaps it is a list of groceries to buy later this week, maybe it is a poem, maybe it is a philosophical essay channeling *OUR* favorite philosophers, Viktor Frankl and C.S. Lewis. Maybe he is writing out his prayers. Maybe, I say with a lot of hope and only a little potential evidence (that is, quite a few times that I look over at him, I see him looking over at me) he is even writing about the impossible sexiness of this gorgeous (emphasis on GORGEOUS) young woman sitting across from him at Starbucks, typing on her laptop and writing on her very own marble notebook. “Jesus, this is exactly the sort of woman I have been waiting for” he must be thinking now as the dark hairs on his arm prickle and he drops his pen to take a sip of his double shot Americano.

Of course, I am fairly certain that this man in Starbucks didn’t think much of me. But goodness, I have got an excellent imagination and I will not see it waste away!

The point is, however, not about my imagination but rather about what I am attracted to. I mean is it not funny that a young woman such as myself takes note of what a man writes, reads, says, with hopes that he is intellectual and artistically inclined? Rather than dwelling so much on how he looks, what he wears, wondering what “crew” he “hangs out” with? Maybe I’m odd in this sense, or maybe not so much.

Anyway, thank you for humoring me. Really. This post is quite a diversion from what I regularly write, but I have enjoyed it so! Oh my word, really though, I think I will spare you anything else and get myself right off to bed.

I promise: My next post will be so incredibly deep that it will make up for the cheeky girlishness of this tidbit 😉

Peace and sweet dreams,


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7 Responses to Oh My Soul Be Calm: He is Pulling Out His Notebook

  1. Maneecure says:

    Love the post. I got goosebumps just imagining it! 😀

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  2. Bring on the silliness

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  3. My current companion asked me what I thought was the sexiest thing about him one time. My answer was, “Your brain.” There’s just something about smart that is irresistibly sexy. : )

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  4. Isn’t there? I am so glad I’m not the only one who thinks s0! 🙂

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  5. Absolutely not. There’s actually a term for finding intelligence sexually appealing. Sapiosexual. There’s some fairly interesting stuff on the subject. : )

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  6. And by “Absolutely not.” I meant you’re not the only one out there who likes intelligence. I realized after I replied that my comment might not have come across the way I wanted it to read. Darn text not having tone and non-verbal cues.

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  7. That is interesting! And oh, I know– it is one of the terrible downsides of technology 🙂

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