Tea and Truths (after midnight)

Late last night I followed my typical nighttime ritual: I made a double dose of chamomile tea, lit a tiny candle, put on a giant sweater, turned on some quiet worship music, and curled up on the floor with my Bible and my journal.

I began this time of devotion to God out of a feeling of necessity. I had not spent much of my day before that focused on Him, and I felt I needed to change that for my own well-being and out of duty (like a daily chore, if you will). Whenever one spends time focusing on God because they feel like they need to in order to be a good person and cross another thing off of their to-do list, they are entering a dangerous zone. When this is the case, they are being self-centered and not God-centered at all.

So with this in mind, I had to slow down and be cautious. I am so easily pulled into this mindset in which I feel a need to go about my intentional time with God in an exact, scientific, legalistic manner. Fortunately, God is so gracious, and he meets me no matter what mindset I am in.

So I sipped my tea and I journaled and after a few minutes, was hit with waves of passion that had me flipping through my Bible and writing down verses and not wanting to stop. Alas, at around 2:30am I decided that as much as I didn’t want to, it was probably best for me to go to bed instead of continuing adventuring through God’s word. But oh, how good it was for me to experience that move from wanting to dwell with God for legalistic reasons to wanting to dwell with God for the joy and fruit of the activity itself.



Peace and thanksgiving for you my WordPress Family,





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