Love, TODAY; For today is long in the short of things

Losing a member of your community is hard.
Almost always–
That is no new and profound information.


Nothing seems to lighten the harsh impact of death,
Or to prepare you–
No number of books, last words, funeral preparations, or hugs.

Tuesday night a senior here at the School of Music was killed in a motorcycle accident.


Like I said, it seems that nothing lightens the impact of the loss of life.
But many thongs add to it, digging a little deeper into one’s side and making one feel a little more nauseas with grief: the student who was killed was a senior. A young man so full of potential and on the brink of going on to positively influence an entire other community. He was friendly and cheerful and funny. All three of these qualities almost on a regular basis. He made controversial decisions, but he was so good to his community– he lived each day with intentional purpose and joy for the present.

The school of music and this young man’s family and friends seem to be simultaneously relearning how to breathe. Steady, deep, healing breaths that are not as instinctual as they were just a week ago.

This young man put an imprint on us.
I don’t want to replace his impact,
But I do want to mirror it,
to allow my lifestyle to be challenged
by the disturbing loss of a beautifully moving soul.

Oh Jesus–
How can I love my world so well?
And I mean this literally,
teach me how to live in a way that focuses on the preciousness
of EACH day.


Love, TODAY; for today is long in the short of things

– Tanya LaReveur

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3 Responses to Love, TODAY; For today is long in the short of things

  1. ZIGMA says:

    Wow!!! So torching, accept my condolence dear.


  2. Thank you, it is much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ZIGMA says:

    Just keep on


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