Tonight, I Won

This is not an artful poem, it’s not a diplomatic essay, but this is huge and I am proud to share it with you who have walked this path alongside me: The last several weeks have been testing my stamina and today I finally popped and oozed helplessness and anger. But I did not self-harm.

I was tempted tonight more than I have been in a long time. The thought of slicing through my skin to release blood and  trapped tears was appealing. However, I did not draw blood and I did not put myself in danger.

I am discovering new and unfavorable things about myself this week, but I must nevertheless shine light on this wonderful victory.

My body is my temple.

Self-harm is a permanent “solution” to a temporary problem.

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4 Responses to Tonight, I Won

  1. Liberty says:

    Yasssssssss ! This is the first thing I’ve seen from you but I always love hearing about these courageous victories. ❤


  2. Thank you! It really is a huge victory 🙂


  3. Salad At Midnight says:

    Cogratulations! That’s a big victory

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