That Introverted Part of Me is Hungry

I am feeling overwhelmed by a number of things right now and I am trying to breathe deep and be at peace.

I am facing another semester, another short stage of life, during which I know there is potential for me to become unhealthy and end up back in crisis mode, perhaps even in the hospital. This possibility horrifies me.

The semester begins in two days and I feel unprepared. I have not yet ordered my books, and I have not rested sufficiently and I am just plain nervous. While I am always better prepared than I give myself credit for, my chest is nevertheless tight with anxiety.

Campus is full of people once again. I got spoiled by living in a college town that became a ghost town during the summer. Now there are students and parents crawling about everywhere and it makes me feel almost claustrophobic. I am reminded that I do in fact have an introverted side…

Speaking of that introverted side, it had very little time to breathe these past few days. With my sister visiting and having sky-high expectations for our time together, I got little time alone and was very hard on myself.………..

Aaaahhhhh so there is my stressful update.

I know that right now I need to just spend time with God, because he is my only solace now and ever.







Bash head against keyboard.


M380  z,

[in search of] peace,


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