There Is Always Ground Beneath You [a poem]

The floor beneath your feet

The ground beneath the floor

The layers of earth beneath the ground

Deeper and deeper

Slowly flowing rock

Fast rushing waters

Prickly blades of grass

Layer after layer—


The pads of your feet

Kiss them and kiss them

and grow rough

with calluses


You take the ground

For granted


Then Some days

You wake up

And see thousands of feet

Of emptiness

at your bedside


But don’t ever forget—

There really is


Ground beneath you.

When you can’t

See the floor

And you can’t find

The rich brown earth,

Remember that underneath everything

And at the same time above everything

God’s hand is holding you up—

The pads of your feet

Kiss him and kiss him

And when they tire,

He will wash them

Once more.

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