‘How can I make the very most of my time’, and other questions by T. LaReveur

Today was another one of those days on which I slept, and slept, and slept, and watched Netflix, and slept, and ate, and slept. Finally at 1:20pm, I begrudgingly decided to get out of bed for good. I took a shower, I took my medicine, I got dressed, I did my hair, I watched more netflix… And eventually by 3:30 I was out of the house and headed to the library to get some serious work done.

As you may imagine, I am not particularly pleased with myself and the way that I have gone about my day. I must, however, realize on my own that it is OK to have relaxed days and it is OK to rest and it is OK to not always be doing constructive things. The fine balance that I must fine is between sleeping a lot and watching Netflix to rest, and sleeping a lot and watching Netflix to sink deeper into my depression.

Now that I am sitting in the library and (although I am tired) I am motivated to get things done, I want to develop a loose plan for avoided situations like this.

How can I build on my self-discipline?

How can I allow myself to rest well?

How can I make the very most of my precious time here on earth?

And most importantly, how I can do all of these simultaneously as I walk through day after day?


The following is the beginning of a list I am creating to get myself moving with motivation and direction:

1. When you want to watch Netflix, think about why that is: Do you need to unwind because you are overstimulated? If so, meditate instead. Do you want to do something that is easy on your brain because you are tired? If so, watch a TED talk or color instead. Are you really really really tired? If so, take a short nap.

2. When you find yourself wanting to just rest and relax, make yourself a plan. First, make a list of the things that you need to do. Then make a list of the things that you would like to do when you have the energy. Then plan out your time and keep a focus on being disciplined. Planning things out so there is a rotation between need-to-do’s, want-to-do’s, and rests is actually very healthy!

3. When you are tired and find yourself napping for way longer than you had planned, approach the situation in the following way: Get up and say some positive affirmations (meaning do NOT beat yourself up for spending that time resting). Remind yourself that no, you did not just waste a big chunk of your life. You slept for a while when you could have been doing more important things. That is OK. Forgive yourself, because now you have more time before you to work on important things. Every moment has potential. <<< This is key.

4. When you are sitting in class listening to the teacher lecture and you suddenly think “What is the point of all this?!?!”: Calm down. You’re an idealistic person. This is natural. Take a few deep breaths and make it through class. When you get out of class, go somewhere quiet to contemplate peacefully (or meditate). Make a list of what you think is important, what you are told is important, what you don’t think is important, and why. This sounds very type-A and obsessive, but it will help you narrow down where you should focus your life.


The above is just the start of one young woman’s plan to conquer negative habits of in her own life, and to counteract social norms.

We live in a world in which every person is pressured to accomplish huge things. So huge, in fact, that we end up half-assing them and doing them for the wrong reasons. Who keeps sight of what they are truly living for? Who can honestly say at the end of the week that they know what they did for the last seven days has pushed them further towards contentment and fulfillment?

Now, did I ever mention that I am an idealist?

Haha well, bare with me. And please, please offer any suggestions, criticisms, or tips that you may for me concerning this post.

We are all trying to find the answers and see the light, you know?

And don’t forget, EVERY moment has potential.

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One Response to ‘How can I make the very most of my time’, and other questions by T. LaReveur

  1. Geo Sans says:

    keep learning
    you are creating
    your path


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