Today, Lord

I come to you now–
nerves and all,
worries and stress,
insecurities —
I lay my whole self
at your feet.
You are at the center
of my world,
my life,
my soul.
You made me tenderly
in my mother’s womb
and you look after me
in every moment.
I am your precious child,
an irreplaceable part
of your body.
I give thanks, Lord,
for you having
me thus far.
Your faithfulness
is glorious.
So today,
remind me
of what truly holds
in this life,
and burn
a raging fire
in my soul.

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3 Responses to Today, Lord

  1. tiffnvb says:

    Amen!!! =) Hope u have a great week!!! “This too shall pass.”


  2. Thank for your kind words. Indeed, however long it may take and hard it may be, all dark things will pass under the light of the Lord. Have a lovely week as well!

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  3. tiffnvb says:

    This is true & thank u =)

    Liked by 1 person

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