Fears Fade With Easy Smiles

For my successes
in battling my demons,
today I received a grand award:
my psychiatrist said that I made his day.
And that made my day.
I came to understand the difficulty
of wiping a genuine smile from my face.
My dimples dig deeper,
my stomach aches from laughing.
In this moment
Now Is Good

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5 Responses to Fears Fade With Easy Smiles

  1. So happy for you honey! Hope your joy continues!

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  2. Thank you for your kind support!

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  3. You’re welcome, Tanya. Hey I hope you don’t mind but I’d like yo invite you to my blog at http://www.insanitybeautiful.wordpress.com

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  4. lance25st says:

    Hi, loved the poem & your blog! I noticed you said you have interest in psychology, I was wondering if you’re studying it in school? I wanna major in psychology and I wanted to know what psychology is like? Is it hard? Fun? I mean if you’re studying it haha.


  5. Thank you! I actually do not study psychology, although I am deeply fascinated by it. I am studying music education with hopes of later becoming a music therapist (so I will likely study psychology in the near future). I have friends who are psychology majors and they seem to enjoy it. It is a deeply fascinating subject. I recommend reading some books on it. When I first developed an interested in music therapy, I purchased a college textbook on the subject to explore if it was a good fit for me. Best wishes to you.


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