Often I hit a fork in the road (but I do not hit it alone)

Often I hit

A fork in the road,

A point in my day

At which I have

Two paths before me:

I can keep travelling upwards

Though my body is aching.

Or I can let myself slide,

Though there would be no turning back.


I must remember

Again and again

That I cannot do this

on my own.


When my lungs give out

When my brain is tied in knots,

When my knees lock

And my heart grows faint,


I will call upon the Lord,

For he is ever faithful.

I do not have to let myself slide

(into deep dark depression);

I can let my God carry me,

keep travelling upwards.


Still I will rise.

Still I will rise.

Still I will rise.


“I call on you when my heart grows faint.

Lead me to the rock that is higher than I,

For you have been my refuge,

A strong tower against the foe.”


Monday, Tuesday Wednesday: these past three days have been trying. My schedule is filling, the stress is building, and I find myself being thrown into emotionally draining situations. I am mentally, emotionally, physically exhausted. But spiritually, I am strengthened through the love of the Lord.


I don’t think that the next few days will be much easier, but I will continue to choose the upward path.


The fight is good.


There is light somewhere.

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