boom a chick a go, human, go

note: this is a bit different from what i normally write, but it came to me, so i met it half way. please, feedback and constructive criticism are appreciated.

boom chick
boom chick
tapa tapa tapa
hit it
kick it
run and jump and twirl,
two wooden mallets
grind against
the wall,
rat a rat a rat a tat tat tat ta…ta…ta…ta
and the smoke rises
kick a kick a kick a-
down it goes
[like] a torpedo in water
don’t need a damned
drumset [machine]
to make
the music
R O A R,
with simplicity
with beauty
with imagery
with FURY
with FEAR
rat tat a rat a tat sssssssssssssssssssszzz

a poem by tanya lareveur

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