I am learning some wonderfully rich things about myself, my suffering, and my joy this week. I have had much time to deeply contemplate my life, reconnect with Jesus (which has been so good for my soul), and I have finally been able to start reading Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning,” which has delighted my philosophical spirit.

Naturally, the past year, with its intense struggles, has been a time of deep growth. But right now, I feel a surge of positive, enjoyable growth coming on. The struggles will not cease, but my perspective and growing spirit let them dwindle in power.

I have a list of topics I would like to post on– I’m bubbling up with inspiration and ideas (hopefully I won’t be so critical of my writing that I never actually get these bits posted). And because the inspiration is so rich, I want to give my mind due time to process through how to write the best possible entry on the topics, to do them justice and not rush.

Now I am off on a personal little pilgrimage adventure downtown. I am a bit nervous about it, but I think all will be well. I will surely write about it later.

As for now,

Enjoy this Saturday, WordPress friends!

Peace, Tanya

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