The Power of A Little Gratefulness

One can never underestimate the power of a little gratefulness.

Mindfully practicing gratefulness is one of many skills that I keep in my bag of go-to’s when things get rough.

Speaking of rough, today actually was more than decent until the last few hours. I had an enjoyable, passionate music practice session, read a bit, had some good God time in an empty church sanctuary… So it was not an unproductive day. But it was the second day in a row during which I basically sat on my bum in one building the entire time, interacting mostly just with my immediate family (everyone, I imagine, know’s how difficult it can be for a quasi-extrovert to be away from friends and a good mixture of familiar faces). But I digress. Anyways, I started to feel depressed around 5:00 when some old feelings started flooding back: “I’m wasting my life not doing constructive things,” “Here is just another month to fill with ‘fillers’,” “I never do anything important,” etc. etc. Thankfully, I was able to recognize that most of the above thoughts are bull. No, today has not been a comfortable day. And it is very likely that in general, the next month of Christmas break will not be comfortable (whether it be for physical, social, emotional, mental reasons) consider my current circumstances. That said, I do not want to be so spoiled that I throw an inner tantrum every time I am not comfortable in some way.

So to come full circle, instead of moping and thinking about all the things that “should” be better, I’m going to take a moment and list a few things that have had a positive impact on me today. Yay for gratefulness!

– my sister’s dog – when he merrily greets me at the door, I always feel loved

– introvert time – yes, I am a social person and too much time alone stresses me out. However, I was able to benefit from some of my alone time today by having good devotional time and writing like I am now

– good granola cereal – may sound silly and trivial, but delicious and healthy cereal was a great way to start my day

– the WordPress community – always just a click away for encouragement, inspiration, and intellectual stimulation

– me using my skills- always a great personal victory when I help my self mentally/ emotionally

One can never underestimate the power of a little gratefulness.

P.S. the joy is in the journey!

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