Love Letter to Myself

Dear Tanya,

I think you know this even though you don’t always admit it, but you are beautiful! Inside and out. You are a unique creation who brings much to the people and the world around you. Your caring, nurturing manner has blessed many people! Your music, words, and art have expressed some special, raw emotions. You see things differently than most people, which is both a gift and a curse, but at the end of the day I must side with the “gift” part. Oh, and you are a real philosopher! Constantly pining after answers and wisdom, you use a wonderful round thought process to come to some fine conclusions (and sometimes un-concluded questions).

Tanya, you are a fighter. Your strength and passion for truth, light, and life daily amaze me. Never give up and never ever underestimate your priceless value!

I love you, beautiful —–

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2 Responses to Love Letter to Myself

  1. sherryirvin says:

    That’s so awesome!! Love it!!


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