I usually consider my depression to be different from most people’s. I don’t often have the physical symptoms (tiredness, lethargy, weird appetite). I usually feel really stuck and discouraged but not disabled.

Well, the last few days I’ve been feeling exhausted. Tired, discouraged, and trying to fight inner feelings of anxiety and depression. I don’t know exactly why they are coming on, but they are. I’ve been using good skills to counteract these nasty feelings, but they don’t seem to be going away.

It’s just discouraging to have to move carefully hour by hour, day by day, watching myself and babying myself to make sure I stay in a rational and safe mindset.

It’s hard.

I’m tired.

I’m safe, and I hope to stay this way.

But I’m very discouraged.

I know that feeling discouraged, uncomfortable, depressed, and anxious, are all temporary feelings. I will not react in a final, conclusive way.

Just thought I’d share– it was one of those moments in which I just need to share how I feel.

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  1. khadnott says:

    I can definitely understand how that feels, as anxiety (my ailment) and depression are closely related. Stay the course and be encouraged!

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