Writing and Self-Criticism

I am terribly self-critical (because I am terribly self-conscious). There are many things that I love about myself, but somehow self-loathing tends to overpower those. And when self-loathing takes the reigns, I find myself soaked in depression and anxiety.

The reason I am writing about this is because self-criticism can be paralyzing. Paralyzing to the point that I want to hit “backspace” on almost everything I write… Are you starting to see the connection between my self-criticism and this blog? Precisely. I am struggling so much with wanting to write a “perfect” entry that it prevents me from even writing at all. This happened yesterday.

Fortunately, I am a fighter and I am writing, writing, writing. I have to just pour my soul out into this for it to work as a coping mechanism. And maybe my soul is silly at times, dramatic, even odd… well, so be it. I’m not going to let anything take the reigns.

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One Response to Writing and Self-Criticism

  1. jinx0923 says:

    I relate to this very much!


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